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Barford St. Peter's C.E. (V.A.) Primary School

"Together we love; together we learn"




The school aims to provide a high quality geography curriculum which challenges and inspires children. Our geography curriculum will allow children to develop their understanding of their local area before extending their knowledge to the UK, Europe and the wider world. Pupils will learn through an enquiry based approach with each unit starting with an overarching question. Learning will take place both in and out of the classroom in order to allow children to see how their learning extends beyond the school and give them opportunities to connect with experts in the field. We follow the geography national curriculum but have adapted some of our topics to reflect current world issues such as climate change and pollution.




Geography is taught through different topics with each topic beginning with an enquiry based approach. Our curriculum is designed with several key themes running through it including place, space, human and physical geography. The topics we have chosen are designed to allow children to revisit these key themes and build upon prior learning. Children have regular opportunities to develop their map work skills and  fieldwork skills in both the school and local area. 




Children will have a good understand of the geographical features and countries they have studied and they will begin to understand how humans can impact the world around them in both positive and negative ways. Children will be able to form their own opinions about key geographical issues.