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Barford St. Peter's C.E. (V.A.) Primary School

"Together we love; together we learn"

Collective Worship

A daily act of collective worship is the corner stone of our school day. Our worship is invitational and is an opportunity for children and adults to reflect and be still. During collective worship we invite children to learn about and from all world religions, and reflect on how these relate to their own lives. 


As a Church of England school, we thoroughly enjoy learning about (and acting out!) stories from the Bible. 


We also give children the opportunity to discuss a wide range of important issues such as stereotyping, injustice, the environment, racism, poverty, and much more. 


Collective worship ordinarily takes place in the hall each day, and is a wonderful opportunity for the school to begin the day together. 


At the end of each day, children have the opportunity to reflect and discuss in more detail their thoughts, feelings and learning around the morning collective worship. 

Collective Worship Spring Term 2022

Collective Worship Overview Autumn Term 2021

Collective Worship Policy