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Barford St. Peter's C.E. (V.A.) Primary School

"Together we love; together we learn"


Developing Mathematical Understanding


At Barford St. Peters, children in reception and KS1 are introduced to the process of calculation through a range of practical (concrete), visual and mental activities. This is with the aim of forming a deep understanding of mathematics over their Primary years and retaining key objectives to build on. Once children show an understanding of the underlying concepts, they develop their ways of recording, and mathematical symbols are introduced.


Children's understanding is consolidated as they progress through the school by using models and resources, for example numicon, number lines, deines and place value counters or grids. These resources are continuously used to support mental, informal and formal written methods of calculation. These methods will be built on over time and become more secure and fluent.


Our aim is that by the end of Key Stage Two, all children are securely fluent in both written and mental methods of calculation. They will be independent and efficient in their choices of method, with the strategies to accurately check their working.


We currently use White Rose Maths as the basis and structure to support this philosophy (more information can be found on the link below); maths lessons are planned using appropriate and relevant resources from White Rose to enhance the learning of the children, combined with resources from other areas.


Reasoning and Problem Solving


As well as developing children's fluency skills, maths lessons are also designed to develop children's reasoning and problem solving skills. All children engage in a maths investigation fortnightly. This provides an opportunity for children to explore their mathematical thinking through an open-ended activity which aims to develop their reasoning language and practical problem solving skills. These lessons help to scaffold a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts taught in other maths lessons by following a line of enquiry and having the freedom to explore ideas and concepts.


Home Learning


Children also have access to Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics to support their learning in maths. These are used both within school and at home.


Useful Websites

Year 2

On the hunt for maths problems! Year 6 went on an adventure around the school trying to find hidden maths problems. Who would solve them all first?