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Barford St. Peter's C.E. (V.A.) Primary School

"Together we love; together we learn"




At Barford St Peter’s Primary School we pride ourselves on providing a broad and rich history curriculum which is designed to develop children’s chronological understanding from ancient times to the present day. We believe that a secure knowledge of history is essential for children to understand how life has developed over time, both in Britain and the wider world. We aim for children to develop a love of learning about historical events and people who have had a significant impact on nations around the world. Furthermore, we teach children to understand how we can use sources of evidence to understand more about the past, using critical thinking skills and ask perceptive questions to deepen our understanding.  




We follow the National Curriculum which can be found in the link below. Our themed approach to learning includes using specific texts in English to support our learning and ensure children have a wide coverage of the topic. Our learning themes provide children with the opportunity to explore and demonstrate their historical knowledge through drama, art, writing, cooking and DT.


At Barford St. Peter’s children also have the opportunity to experience history days led by specialists and many extra-curricular trips which help to bring learning to life, for example through handling real artefacts. This may be at the start of a learning theme as a ‘hook’ to their new learning, or at the end where they can be enthused about their new knowledge! 


Throughout the school year children are able to showcase their work and parents are invited in to see their wonderful achievements. We also like to give regular updates of their wonderful creations and visits on Twitter.




Children's understanding of key concepts, as well as their knowledge and understanding of each learning theme, is measured through a quiz at the end of each learning theme, before moving on to a new topic. Children's understanding of historical concepts is revisited throughout each key stage. 



History Knowledge and Skills Progression

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